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Pile Driver

A mast with a winch system for lifting and attaching wooden poles as well as metal and plastic piles. The hydraulic hammer BR 45 which is used in combination with the mast provides very powerful vibrations. With weight plates that are mounted on BR 45 the vibrations and weight are combined to give effective piling in water environments.

Pile driver DM 350 is mounted onto the frame bracket of the lifting arm. The X + Y-movements are regulated from the driver's seat. BR 45 is connected to the winch using the bracket for piles or poles. Delivered complete with winch and weight plates. Hydraulic hammer BR 45 is not included.

For Use With
T50 | T30 | 5045 | 5000

Technical Data
Part No: Q 2 2020
Mast length: 4.5 m
Weight: 60kg
Movement X: max 1200 mm
Movement Y: max 1200 mm
Lifting capacity: max 130 kg
Max length pole/pile: 3m
Weight plates 18 kg for Hydraulic hammer BR 45

Hydraulic hammer BR 45

Hydraulic Hamemer
Truxor DM 5000 has hydraulic power to operate hydraulic hand tools. Hydraulic hammer BR 45 is a tool used to dismantle cement, etc.

We also use BR 45 for driving piles for poles, plastic sheeting, etc. The Universal bracket for mounting 71-10400 /71-10500 is included in delivery.

For Use With
T50 | T30 | 5045 | 5000

Technical Data
Part No: 71-14500
Weight: 31 kg
Length: 620 mm
Anti-vibration handle. Delivered with hydraulic tubes and quick-links.
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